With Mitt Romney winning the NH Primary, David Mark asks in the Arena: How much closer does this bring Romney to being the Republican nominee? Can any of his rivals realistically stop him in South Carolina, Florida or beyond? And which of them is the most likely to drop out?

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  1. practicalrepublican answered: Ron Paul needs to leave, but Newt is the only one who can really stop Romney!
  2. notredorblue answered: The way this has been going, i wouldn’t be surprised if someone new entered the race and became the leader.
  3. corvoattano answered: of course not. Ron Paul can still upset, like Obama did with Clinton in 2008.
  4. wideplace answered: Nope. Romney will definitely be the nominee. And the next president.
  5. beccasetsfire answered: I agree, I hope we’re right…
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  7. mar-see-ah answered: Romney is the Keryy of this election. He’s the “I guess he’s electable and he’s not the incumbent” candidate… And we know how that worked.
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  9. provostsdog answered: He won’t beat Obama.
  10. yarroww answered: Obama will still destroy Romney. It seems important to remember that four years ago, Romney lost to McCain, so he already is second best.
  11. just-kind-of-a-blog answered: fuck
  12. politicaldirtylaundry answered: Ever Watch Storage Wars, The guy with the most money in his pocket, always wins.
  13. jmcoffman answered: Paul is lead strong behind Romney. He hasn’t ruled out an Independent run. It would be wise for Romney to make Paul his VP nomination.
  14. cosmeticdirt answered: Mitt Romney has been in the same place this entire race.. The front. Not that I support his politics, but realistically he will be the nom..
  15. sanitywillprevail answered: Still to early to say for sure, depends how well Ron Paul can do in South Carolina
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    Romney’s candidacy has inspired the level of enthusiastic support usually reserved for statements like, “Let’s just stay...
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    At this point not in the primary, but he’s dead in a general election.
  18. osuphantom answered: Yes. No one has the momentum, money, or organization to win anyplace.
  19. johannescourtens answered: Hahahahaha… I hope that’s a joke.
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